How to Improve Productivity by Focusing on Communication

Too often, the adage that the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing holds true in the workplace. Lack of communication can kill a business faster than you think.

It’s hard to think of a workplace in any industry that doesn’t require good communication skills. Some of the most successful companies in the world rely on a culture of open communication. The reason behind this is simple – communication makes people work better together, which, in turn, helps to improve productivity.

What’s a bit difficult at times is understanding how to emphasise communication. The following tips might help in this regard.

Tip #1. Support Feedback

A big part of an open communication company culture is feedback, which has to go both ways.

It comes from the top levels of management and indicates who’s doing great or underperforming.

But it’s equally important that leaders accept criticism from employees, too. Because in some cases, those who work in specific departments may have more knowledge than those at the top.

A bit of back and forth and open criticism makes people feel appreciated, and they strive to work harder as a result.

At the same time, others can finally know where they stand in terms of performance. Without feedback, no one knows if they should change something in their approach.

Tip #2. Focus on Transparency

It’s never a good idea to blow smoke to carry a conversation.

For a business to run smoothly, everyone has to be on the same page. People need to understand and adhere to the same core values. And they all have to chase the same goals.

That’s why transparency and honesty are some of the most efficient tools for workplace communication.

Can the truth sometimes hurt? Sure.

But that doesn’t mean people aren’t entitled to it.

The clearer the message, the easier it is for people to know what they have to do.

Honest feedback can also help motivate people to do better. Leaders being real and taking ownership of mistakes can boost morale and inspire others.

Tip #3. Use Proper Communication Channels

When it comes to communication, it’s impossible to rely only on office memos, the occasional meetings, and social gatherings. People need more opportunities to engage with one another.

Investing in a platform dedicated to business communication can prove invaluable, especially when you have remote teams. It can tear down time zone barriers and bring together on-site and remote coworkers.

There’s a good reason why the stock prices of Zoom and Slack went up dramatically since the early part of 2020. After all, more and more small businesses are seeing the value of offering their people a dedicated conversational platform with tons of social and business value.

Tip #4. Put an Emphasis on Teamwork

Some departments run primarily independent of each other. But every so often, they have to collaborate to help grow the business faster.

When there’s an open communication culture, everyone knows where the other’s standing. People can not only become inspired by others’ successes but also learn from others’ mistakes.

And, most importantly, they can work together towards the same company goals.

Do It Right

It’s easier than you think to create the wrong kind of culture in your company.

Even small businesses often have trouble with promoting and enforcing communication between employees. But it’s essential to use this tool to empower people and not to put them down.

Use communication to help align everyone with the business’ core values. Bring people together and emphasise clarity and honesty if you want to boost productivity.

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