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I hope sole traders as well as those running limited companies will find something here of interest. As a qualified accountant, I can help with your personal self-assessment return, provide tax & VAT advice, and assist with cash flow management, business plans, and securing finance for your business.

Please feel free to browse my blog. You will find a range of articles on a variety of business topics. I’m always happy to hear from my readers so feedback, comments, and questions on any of my articles are always welcome.

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About Me

Once upon a time, I wanted to be a concert pianist and most of my childhood and teenage years were spent at my piano practicing with that in mind. But it wasn’t to be and when I left school I joined Balfour Beatty as a trainee accountant.

I qualified as a Chartered Certified Accountant and as a Chartered Tax Adviser and then pursued a career in finance across a range of businesses including Swiss Life plc, TRACKER Network (UK) Ltd, and Direct Line Group plc. Latterly I decided to leave the corporate world to concentrate on serving small businesses and I’ve been running my accountancy practice doing this since 2013.

I’ve now been qualified for over 30 years. I live on the Wirral with my wife and our 6 children. And I’m still getting a buzz out of helping business owners with their numbers.

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Why Isn’t Your Brand Connecting With Your Audience?

It’s not exactly easy to establish brand loyalty. Making the right choices with your messaging can change that. Today’s successful companies have a powerful brand that helped them engage and convert legions of loyal followers. So, why isn’t your brand connecting with your audience? Although each brand has its message and audience, it’s easy to …

How to Identify and Fix Weak Spots in Your System

Is your business not operating at maximum efficiency? Fortunately, some problems are easier to spot and fix than you think. Systems, processes, operations, logistics – every one of these different departments can develop issues. As a business owner, you either oversee all of them yourself or the people responsible for them. Knowing how to identify …

Why Do Systems Fail? (And Five Things You Can Do to Build More Resilient Systems)

Systems run businesses. But like anything else, they require constant maintenance since there’s no such thing as a perfect system. Systems fail all the time. It’s not a comforting thought, but it’s the truth. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t fix, optimise, or change them. Have a look at the common problems among small …


Everyone knows what an accountant does don’t they?

We produce accounts, prepare tax computations, and make sure everything gets filed on time. Right?

Well, yes. But really, this is just the start.

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